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Steffen Frank

Software Delivery Consulting

Based  in Hamburg, Germany
Open for on-site and remote work

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Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it. (Alan Perlis) 

A passionate agile practitioner with 25 years of experience in software engineering and 8 years of experience as a software delivery lead, project manager and agile coach. 

Pragmatic, striving for simplicity, direct collaboration and fast and honest feedback.

Culturally aware, with a proven track record of effectively leading multinational projects and distributed teams.

Open minded, with the ability to adapt to different organizational environments, from small startups to large enterprises.

Experience in a nutshell


software delivery lead • project managerscrum masteragile coach • consultant • startup foundersoftware engineer


e-commerceinsuranceautomotiveenergy trading • NGO • biotech

Work environments

corporate environments • startups • local teams • distributed teams • offshore software development (Vietnam)


Diplom-Informatiker (equivalent to master of computer Science)  • PMP certified

Selected work

mgm technology partners logo

mgm technology partners 

Established of an offshore office in Vietnam, managed multinational projects, coached team leaders

Audi AG logo

Audi AG

Managed an eCommerce project, introduced agile procurement and management methods

REWE digital logo

REWE digital

Leader of an agile team and proxy product owner in a large scale e-commerce project

HDI logo

HDI Gerling

Scrum master and developer, building a product configuration and quotation system

VAidr (TRI) logo

Thinking Research Instruments 

Software delivery lead, designing and implementing a frontend for an AI-based image analysis system

Vattenfall logo

Vattenfall Deutschland

Software architect and developer, designing and implementing a time series data management system for energy trading


Founder, Senior Consultant


 CEO  CTO  Startup Consulting  MVP  Product Management  Software Development  React  AWS BioTechApparel

Founded a small software development consulting company based in Vietnam that helps startups in their early stages with designing and building prototypes and minimum viable products (MVPs).

Worked with a German biotech startup to bring their product beyond the prototype stage. Designed the UI for a complex, AI-based expert system and implemented the software with a small, highly effective development team in Vietnam.

Designed and built the prototype of a fashion design app for a European startup. Provided additional product strategy consulting, which led to a radical redesign of their previously unsustainable business model.

Software Delivery Lead

mgm technology partners Vietnam

SoftwareDeliveryOrganizational Development TechRecruitingProjectManagementScrumAgileCoachingAgileTransformationOffshore eCommerce ReactVietnam

Established the first Vietnamese office of a German software development company, recruited more than 100 developers, facilitated cultural alignment, and developed standards for effective remote collaboration.

Managed Vietnamese and international scrum teams. Facilitated the transfer of projects from Europe to Vietnam and later the handover of the project leadership to Vietnamese colleagues.

Coached team leaders and scrum masters and improved existing organizational structures and processes to reduce friction between Asian and European teams.

Project Manager, Scrum Master, Software Engineer

mgm technology partners GmbH

ScrumScrumMasterProductManagement Project Management  Agile Coaching  Agile Transformation Software DevelopmenteCommerceRetailInsuranceEnergyTradingJavaOracle

Led several projects as a project manager or a proxy product owner after joining the company as a software engineer and becoming a team leader and scrum master.

Took over three complex projects in a row and brought them back on track by introducing agile project management methods and modern software development practices.

Streamlined the introduction of the agile methods in other projects previously managed in a classical style. Helped convince conservative clients of the benefits of incremental product development.

System specialist, DWH Developer, Requirements Manager

Greenpeace e.V. Germany

NGODonor Management DWHRequirements Management ERPCRMDatabaseMarketingOracle

Coordinated the development, maintenance, and operations of software systems related to fundraising, donors, and donation management.

Developed and maintained the data warehouse used for fundraising and donor engagement analysis.

Responsible for managing requirements for a new implementation of the ERP/CRM and DWH systems.